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Estate Planning

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Is your family and property set up properly if the worst were to happen? If the answer is anything but yes, you need to plan ahead. Sylvia Spilman Estate Planning Attorney will help you to draft a will or trust that outlines exactly how your estate will be distributed, setting up a clear plan for family to follow so they aren’t left scrambling. We’ve practiced law for more than three decades, and have the in-depth experience and knowledge of the law necessary to take care of your affairs so you leave behind a clear pecking order.

Sylvia attended Tulsa University College of Law and received her Juris Doctorate degree in 1988. She was admitted to the Oklahoma Bar in 1988 and opened her practice as a sole practitioner. She is a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association in good standing.

While Sylvia is well-versed in several areas of the law, she emphasizes the necessity for good planning in leaving personal and real property to family and friends or charities of choice without leaving the burden of decision making to those left behind. She believes, therefore that ESTATE PLANNING is the key to a smooth transition upon passing.

Sylvia brings with her a background as a small business owner and former newspaper owner and publisher. She is a Tulsa native with strong community ties and involvement as a volunteer, having won several volunteer awards throughout the years..

Sylvia’s goal is to provide an affordable estate plan for all individuals regardless of the size of the estate or age.

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Volunteer Work & Other Philanthropy

Sylvia is currently president of her neighborhood organization, Heller Park Neighbors. The group raised over $30,000 for new playground equipment and also received a grant of $20,000.00 for the project last year from the Kaiser Foundation.

Sylvia also has dedicated her life to helping neglected and abused animals, mainly dogs and horses. She is a founding member of the Okmulgee County Humane Society. She also owns rescued dogs.

Sylvia is an avid sports fan, primarily baseball (St. Louis Cardinals) and soccer. She also is a water sports enthusiast, and sailor.

Sylvia loves life and people.

Sylvia Spilman will help you to determine exactly who will carry out the distribution process, a timeline for when you wish it to occur and any other concerns you may have regarding your property and possessions. We’ll even help with any claims that may arise relating to mineral interest transfer, keeping your investments in the hands of the family you wish to receive it. Take care of the future so you can enjoy the here and now, call Sylvia Spilman Lawyer to start the estate planning process.

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Wills & Trusts

Everyone needs at least a simple Will.

A Will protects your wishes at your passing and acts as a legal guide for your love ones, eliminating the question of “what to do” when you pass.

Having a Will in place not only protects your assets, but it can protect your children and surviving husband or wife as well with specific instructions about distribution of your estate. In the event you are a single parent or in the event you and your spouse pass simultaneously and you have minor children, a Will can nominate your choice of a person to be appointed guardian for your children.

Should you wish to have a legal determination of the heirs and those who are to receive your possessions It is necessary to probate a Will in Oklahoma.

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Don’t Understand the Probate Process?
Sylvia McCormick Spilman Will Guide you through the process.

No matter what size your estate is or whether or not you have a Will, Probate is necessary to transfer real property and personal property such as bank accounts in most instances. There are ways around a probate and with careful Estate Planning including the use of a Trust, the transfer process of your estate becomes less burdensome.

We can assist you with an Oklahoma probate, no matter where you may live, so long as there is property in the State of Oklahoma. Even if you have begun a probate in another state, it is necessary to file a probate in Oklahoma if there are assets in Oklahoma.

Probate can be very confusing and take several months to complete. We can assist you in identifying heirs-at-law (blood relatives), and devisees (those who are beneficiary of real property or personal property) and legatees (those who will receive money interests). Your part of the process is to gather all the assets so that a proper distribution can be made.

We answer all questions and remember, there is no charge for the first consultation!

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Special Needs Trust

Estate Planning

Work with an estate planning attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma

A Special Needs Trust is a trust designed to supplement or augment care of disabled persons. It provides comforts and luxuries or “special needs” for a disabled person without compromising that person’s qualification to receive governmental assistance. The Trust is managed by one person for the benefit of another and may outlive the one who set it up. This is particularly important for parents of a permanently disabled child to insure his or her receiving benefits or special needs that would not be available otherwise.

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Mineral Interest Transfer Law

Mineral Interests

Contact us to find out more about mineral interests in Oklahoma

Oklahoma minerals can be transferred to anyone anywhere once their claim has been approved. We can educate you in the ins and outs of how to transfer mineral interests left to you and will assist you in the process.

In the event your family has a stake in mineral interests, let us show you how to secure them for generations to come as a part of your Estate Plan. Or, in the event a family member has left you mineral interests or a legal description of what appears to be mineral interests, Sylvia McCormick Spilman has the legal knowledge to handle transfer of those interests to you.

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